Long island Trees

Long island is a beautiful island with many forests parks and preserves. Long island has a dense tree coverage even on the streets with some streets having massive canopies that completely block sunlight. Therefore, for a place like long island, it is important for residents to get professional tree services for their trees. These tree-servicing companies offer different services aimed to keep your trees healthy and attractive. Pest Pro Exterminating Co. is an exterminator Long Island that specializes in ant extermination, bed bug extermination, cricket extermination, cockroach extermination, and much more. Call 1-866-PRO-GUYS for a free estimate.

Tree services offered

trees groundsPruning and trimming- Long Island tree service companies like Joe’s Complete Tree Service offer pruning or trimming services especially for trees that grow in different directions and trees that grow over the roof or over power lines. Tree servicing experts professionally trim those trees safely so as not to cause damage of property and also to avoid injuries.

Experts also do these services while keeping your tree healthy and looking attractive.

Tree planting- Long Island has expert arborists who have knowledge on the best ways to plant trees and also the best kind of trees suited to grow in the Long Island environment. Professionals are also good at tree transplanting and will ensure that your tree is well taken care of.

Removal of dead trees or ugly trees- tree removal services are also offered in Long Island. Tree removal can be dangerous and Long Island experts are able to do this safely and without creating a large mess that would require extensive clean up. Large trunks are cut into manageable pieces that are carried in large vehicles. Long Island tree services also remove trees that are unsafe. Arborists are called to access the tree situations and make recommendations on action to take.

Stump removal and grinding- stump removal and grinding services are also offered. Professional can grind stumps, leave only some roots remaining, and also grind the stumps into pulp by using high-powered stump grinders. These services are offered especially when property owners want to grow something else somewhere where trees used to stand.

Fruit pruning- Long Island has a lot of trees that have edible fruits such as apples, peaches, plums and grapevines. These services are aimed at making your fruit tree look beautiful and still be able to produce delicious fruits.

Emergency storm response services- there are 24-hour emergency services that respond rapidly in case of tree related accidents. Professionals aim at removing any fallen trees in your property in as little time as possible while ensuring minimal additional damage to your property.

Long island tree services also do ornamental pruning- residents can get professionals to prune their trees in spectacular designs while still keeping the tree healthy and productive.

Other tree services offered are such as tree spraying, tree disease control, flea and tick control and mosquito spraying all done by professionals in as little time as possible.